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Apr 04, 2021

Originally Posted on June 29 2020 at

After years of testing tents and modifying prototypes, we launched our first lightweight backpacking tent for the XKG Series this spring – the XKG Summit 2P Tent. The idea behind the Summit was to harness all the qualities of the XKG Series, including performance, affordability, and lightweight materials and engineer it into a tent.

We began our project by focusing on the best features in our favorite tents, while not hesitating to express our frustrations for improvements. Some tents were exceptionally lightweight, but couldn’t handle the challenges of tough conditions. The fabric would wear through on the tub walls, the guy lines would quickly wear from the wind, there was not enough space for two hunters, the list went on.


Floor Space

We started with a similar floor plan to many tents on the market that have a tapered design. This allows the campers/hunters to sleep shoulder to shoulder and the tent becomes narrower as it moves towards their feet. The upside to this design is that it cuts weight from the tent. The downside is that is takes away a lot of comfortable sleeping space and extra space to store your gear. It also does not give you much flexibility when it comes to how you would like to sleep – shoulder to shoulder or head to toe. Since this is primarily a hunting tent, we chose to make a roomy 86.6” x 55” rectangular floor plan which is 15-30% wider than other hunting tents on the market. It allows for versatile sleeping arrangements and comfort in the backcountry.

True 2-Person Tent

Many tents claim to be a 2-person tent, but there is no comfortable way to get two people in the tent. We addressed the floor space, but we also knew a frustration with weight shaving tents is the concession for 1 door. We did not want to inconvenience anyone by limiting to one door.

Who would want to crawl over someone at night to go outside?

We added two-way zippered doors to each side of the tent and each side has a vestibule. This makes for easy in and out and gives each hunter their own vestibule to store and protect their gear.



By including a footprint with the tent, it allows the Summit to reach its minimum trail weight configuration at 2 lbs. 11 oz. This works with the footprint, poles, and rain-fly. Simply place each end of the poles in the footprint rings. This will stretch the footprint and give the poles the shape of the tent. Then, place the rain fly over the poles and snap each corner into the buckles of the footprint. This will give you protection from the ground as well as the sun or rain and keep your tent system under that desired 3-pound mark for ultralight backpacking.


During our years of testing and development, we took the tent to the high country of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho. We hunted in the heat of August to below freezing temps of October.

Our final test came in the fall of 2019 when Justin Finch, Alex Millward, and I went on a backpack hunt in Idaho during the opening weekend of the rifle mule deer season. We rented two llamas from Backcountry Logistics to help carry our gear. We were going to an area without easily accessible water, so we had to pack it in. We knew we had to be selective on our gear. With each tent under 5 pounds, it wasn’t a huge burden to our llamas – who are capable of comfortably carrying seventy pounds each – to have sufficient water, tents, and extra gear.

During the hunt, we slept in a drainage which had the only flat ground we could find at the higher elevation. We experienced a snowstorm our first night


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